Olight Perun Kit

● Maximum 2,000-lumen output with 120 meters throw ● Multi-functional application: handheld torch or headlamp ● Automatically switch to the lowest level when obstructions approaching ● Fast charging cable holds 1.5A current, 50% faster than H2R


Olight M2R Pro Warrior

● Max 1,800-lumen output with a 300-meter throw ● Max 50-day runtime with an included 5000mAh 21700 rechargeable battery ● Strong magnetic stainless-steel tail switch for metal surface attachment ● Convenient and easy to operate dual switch design (tail switch + side switch)


Olight Baldr Mini

✰ Powerful to deliver a 600-lumen output and a 130-meter throw ✰ 3 modes available: white light, green laser or green laser & white light ✰ Quick attach/detach rail mount: extremely easy to install ✰ Adjustable sliding rail: easily adjusted forward and backward to the right position

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